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Foam recycling

2024 is the year of EPS foam recycling for Edgewater Surf and Northeast Ohio.  With collection and densification equipment in place at 1328 Linda Street in Rocky River we are going to be the only processor for post-consumer foam in the Cleveland area.

See the guidelines below to help make this effort successful.

EPS foam recycling poster.jpg

WHY EPS foam?

Because it's everywhere!

A trip down the street on garbage collection day, a drive down I-90 or a visit to the shores of Lake Erie all have one thing in common.  Polystyrene foam. 

It is estimated that 25% of landfill space is taken up by Expanded Polystyrene Foam.  90% of what makes up that expanded foam is air.  So we are paying to fill up landfill space with containers of air.  What?

And as with other plastics polystyrene does not decompose- it's around forever - and that's a long time.

Our goal is to capture as much EPS foam as possible before it ends up in the landfill or on beaches and process it so it can be used again.  And again.

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